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30 days of crafting. day 12. knitted ornament


oh, yes people.  i made another one.  really, they are the perfect quick knitting fix.  and i can’t wait to put them on the tree.  don’t be surprised if you see more of these around these parts!

speaking of trees, i have always had a real one.  i can’t imagine a christmas without that smell of pine and without having to vacuum a few pine needles here and there.  and getting that dang tree to stay upright in the stand.  and coming home from the christmas tree farm with it tied to the roof. this year i want to have a big one in our den, and a smaller one in the kids craft room that they can spend days and days and hours and hours decorating.  i thought of buying a small fake tree for the kids.  (to save money, and so they won’t spill the water).  but my emmie was having nothing of the sort.  “why do we have to have a fake tree, mom?  i really want a real one.”  she is only 3.  i doubt that she even really remembers having a real tree in our home.  but i have to agree with her.  fake ones just aren’t the same.




another food photo


another photo for food + foto.  my emmie thought it was very strange to see me taking countless photos of her oranges by the window this morning.  especially when she wanted to eat them so.

{p.s. yes, i am still doing a craft a day in november, i’m just behind on posting!}

happy weekend..


i’m interrupting my 30 days of crafting posts to wish you all a happy weekend!

i took this photo as my first week’s assignment in food + foto. i think you are sort of supposed to be making food to photograph. but that puts two words in the same sentence that don’t usually appear together when coming out of my mouth. you know, making and food.

30 days of crafting. day 11. sketch.


i sketched her onto one of my journals.  yes, i have many journals.    just as i have many packets of tissues stuffed into random pockets, may lip glosses in every nook, many craft projects  in the midst of being finished.

i think the illustration says it best :: my mind tends to wander.

30 days of crafting. day 10. moleskine sketch.


another sketch for the sketchbook project.

i had a great time today helping with a turkey feast at my childrens’ school.  they are all 3 still at an age where they like to see mommy at school, and i got lots of hugs and smiles.  it’s nice to see them in their school environment and it’s comforting to this mama to see how well loved they are…


30 days of crafting. day 9. wool felt chain.

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wool felt chain

just so you can see the crazy in my mind today::

come into craft room.  see pile of fabrics that were handpicked by my son for a small quilt.  start to think of ideas for his quilt.  eyes wander to the accuquilt i just got in the mail for an early christmas present.  i know i’m not supposed to open it yet, but think of all the presents i could make using it! so i open it. get out felt to make some felt garlands. i can make a garland for christmas …or for the kids rooms. or for every room in the house. turn on computer to look for wool felt because i will surely run out if i make all the garlands i plan to. see a really cool link on pinterest of a stranded mobile using felt. must make that too! cut some triangles out of felt which leads to some cool scraps : nice sized strips of felt. i play with the felt. oooh, a cool bracelet. or i can link them all together to make a chain. {see photo above}. after making the wool felt chain, and photographing it, i come back to the garland idea. i know! i can use some of that pre-made bias tape i bought tons of when i started sewing. so i find the box of bias tape and inside i find a couple spools of ribbon i’d forgotten about. which made me think of the skirts i just made with ribbon trim. i really should make lots more of those skirts for my girls… and their friends when they have birthdays.. so i got out some fabric and ribbon trim to make a few skirts for christmas. somehow that got me thinking about the peg people jewelry boxes i want to make for the girls. so i got out my wood shapes and my paints and started planning. and then i painted. the first layers are drying now, and will be finished tomorrow.

phew. are you exhausted yet?

30 days of crafting. day 8.


hand knit christmas ornaments


i made another knitted christmas ornament. i’m totally getting into the “handmade holidays” vibe.

now to find a pink yarn to carry along with my white. our tree tends to look a little bit like a candy shop. lots of red, white, pink and aqua decorations. due to the increasing amount of ornaments we own, i think we may have to do a kids’ tree in their craft room as well. fine by me.

i also finished this scarf for my poor cold sister who has been waiting almost a year for it.