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30 days of crafting. day 12. knitted ornament


oh, yes people.  i made another one.  really, they are the perfect quick knitting fix.  and i can’t wait to put them on the tree.  don’t be surprised if you see more of these around these parts!

speaking of trees, i have always had a real one.  i can’t imagine a christmas without that smell of pine and without having to vacuum a few pine needles here and there.  and getting that dang tree to stay upright in the stand.  and coming home from the christmas tree farm with it tied to the roof. this year i want to have a big one in our den, and a smaller one in the kids craft room that they can spend days and days and hours and hours decorating.  i thought of buying a small fake tree for the kids.  (to save money, and so they won’t spill the water).  but my emmie was having nothing of the sort.  “why do we have to have a fake tree, mom?  i really want a real one.”  she is only 3.  i doubt that she even really remembers having a real tree in our home.  but i have to agree with her.  fake ones just aren’t the same.



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