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30 days of crafting. day 9. wool felt chain.

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wool felt chain

just so you can see the crazy in my mind today::

come into craft room.  see pile of fabrics that were handpicked by my son for a small quilt.  start to think of ideas for his quilt.  eyes wander to the accuquilt i just got in the mail for an early christmas present.  i know i’m not supposed to open it yet, but think of all the presents i could make using it! so i open it. get out felt to make some felt garlands. i can make a garland for christmas …or for the kids rooms. or for every room in the house. turn on computer to look for wool felt because i will surely run out if i make all the garlands i plan to. see a really cool link on pinterest of a stranded mobile using felt. must make that too! cut some triangles out of felt which leads to some cool scraps : nice sized strips of felt. i play with the felt. oooh, a cool bracelet. or i can link them all together to make a chain. {see photo above}. after making the wool felt chain, and photographing it, i come back to the garland idea. i know! i can use some of that pre-made bias tape i bought tons of when i started sewing. so i find the box of bias tape and inside i find a couple spools of ribbon i’d forgotten about. which made me think of the skirts i just made with ribbon trim. i really should make lots more of those skirts for my girls… and their friends when they have birthdays.. so i got out some fabric and ribbon trim to make a few skirts for christmas. somehow that got me thinking about the peg people jewelry boxes i want to make for the girls. so i got out my wood shapes and my paints and started planning. and then i painted. the first layers are drying now, and will be finished tomorrow.

phew. are you exhausted yet?

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  1. Encrazed Crafts permalink
    November.10.2010 2:16 am

    Ack! I hate it when the brain makes me get all scattered like that! I do it waaay too easily online. You start a search for one thing which pops up four decent results and each of those pages has nifty awesome ideas that I just have to read up on and take notes down so I won’t forget them ever, and then I have to get a snack because it’s been about an hour since I blinked from all the reading I’ve been doing in the mean time and at the end of the day I still don’t have anything done in front of me. /collapses

    The felt chain you got up there has a faint ‘stuffed sock monkey doll’ vibe about it, similar to the giant walking one in that one car commercial they were playing non-stop a few months back. The slight beige colors disrupted by the striking red before ending on what the light makes out to be a fairly bright and white bottom link.

    • tammie permalink
      November.11.2010 8:08 am

      i know exactly what you mean about being online! i am going to have to set some limits.

      i really like the dash of red at the end of the chain….if i do say so myself. 🙂

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