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30 days of crafting. day 7.

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oliver + s skirt

{excuse the bad lighting.  this was at night and i simply couldn’t wait until tomorrow to take a photo}

i’ve never made clothes for my children before.  i used this oliver + s pattern and i am in love. with their patterns, with my girls in skirts, with the way they freaked out when they picked their own fabrics and i turned it into a skirt. if i had known how happy it would make them to wear something i created, i would have done it years ago. and if i had known how easy clothes sewing could be, i would have done it even earlier!

i had the fabric and ribbon in my {large} stash.  i actually have too much ribbon and am happy to have a reason to use it.  i think i made the skirt too long, but she loves it just the same.  i whipped up one for my other daughter in about 30 minutes.  which is amazing to me.

i can’t wait to sew more!

i’ve been thinking of trying to make as many christmas gifts as possible this year.  we’ll see how that goes.


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