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30 days of crafting. day 5.


i got hit big time with a stomach bug today.  wicked.

but you know what makes tummy bugs better?  packages in the mail. packages containing  a brand new moleskine journal just waiting to be filled.  i’m taking part in the sketchbook project even though i really can’t draw and get intimidated when i look at the awesome drawings on the moleskine flickr group. but it is a big step in my journey to crafting without self-judgment.

so my theme is “….you’d be home by now.” my husband and i have very different takes on what this means. to me, i fill in the ellipses with “if you lived here…you’d be home by now.” i once saw that on a sign in front of some apartments for rent. good advertising i guess, because that was years ago.
so i’m going to fill my journal with all kinds of houses. real houses, fake houses, fairy houses, tree houses, gingerbread houses, etc. i can’t wait!

here’s my first one.  {there happened to be an aqua pen next to the couch that i slept on for hours}


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