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30 days of crafting…coming soon


i’ve been so overwhelmed with the family getting one sickness after the other, and the coaching obligations of my husband and i, that i haven’t crafted at all in weeks.  and i’m feeling itchy!

so after we host a really fun halloween-themed race for our local middle school league on halloween morning, i’ll be breaking out all kinds of craftiness.

i thought it would be cool to craft a little something-something every day in november.  ideally, due to my lack of attention span of any sort (unless i am pouring over fabric. or eating candy), i would like to complete a little tiny something each day.  even if it’s just a single quilt block.  some days, that’s all i have time for, and i need to remember that even one little quilt block is better than no crafting at all.

over the next week, i’m going to gather lots of ideas and inspiration and get some of my supplies in order. i’m very excited that my 30 days of crafting is going to coincide with handmade holidays IV at sew, mama, sew!

feel free to join me.  and feel freer to send your project suggestions.

edited to add:: another goal of this 30 day project is to use items that i already have.

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