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my must-haves for the car


i’m always changing the bags that i carry (if i carry one at all), and during the fall, my husband and i frequently swap cars due to our coaching schedules and our three little lovelies.  i have found that i am always without a few certain essentials when we keep changing cars.

so i made a little kit of the things i’d really rather not be without.  i put them in one of those nice little photo boxes.  i had plans to decorate it, but that hasn’t happened yet…

wanna know what’s inside?  of course you do…

  • brush
  • dental floss
  • disposable toothbrush
  • tissues
  • facial cleaning wipes (for when i go for a run and don’t go straight home
  • sunscreen for my face
  • hand lotion – especially great in the winter!
  • lip gloss- i am addicted.
  • pocket mirror
  • an emergency $10 bill because i never have cash
  • headphones in case i stop by the gym
  • aleve – just in case
  • pens
  • paper
  • gum
  • band-aids
  • cleanwell hand sanitizer
  • fruit leathers
  • cheapo pair of sunglasses

what would be in your survival kit?

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